al-gore-settled-scienceBEWARE OF ARROGANCE: RETIRE NOTHING! is the title of IAN McEWAN’s (author of many books) response to the discussion of leading intellectuals. This will give a civil start to the alternative discussion by such intellectuals as Jo-Public (Joe & Joanna Blog types – that’s YOU & ME) to say it like it is – So what scientific ideas should be ditched  in your opinion???? Here are a few  ideas to get started. I think: 

Richard Dawkin’s Gene centered theory of everything biological…, or, let’s keep Mr. Darwin, but throw out his theory of evolution… and don’t forget this is a science blog – defending the spirit of true scientific investigation, so, what about – why Einstein was wrong, and I’ve got the proof. That sort of thing.

Enjoy and please feel free to contribute in anyway possible in the name of scientific truth and a good, fun & spirited debate. Hence I have started off this discussion with a quote from the mainstream discussion from Edge.Org asking: what scientific idea is ready for retirement? 

Below is a piece from IAN McEWAN’s opinion regarding what scientific ideas need to go – what do you think? 


“A great and rich scientific tradition should hang on to everything it has. Truth is not the only measure. There are ways of being wrong that help others to be right. Some are wrong, but brilliantly so. Some are wrong but contribute to method. Some are wrong but help found a discipline. Aristotle ranged over the whole of human knowledge and was wrong about much. But his invention of zoology alone was priceless. Would you cast him aside?”

Maria Brigit

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