Ever wondered: Is there a scientific alternative to Darwinian evolution?

Source: Browne, Janet. 2005. Presidential address commemorating Darwin. The British Journal for the History of Science 38, no. 3: 251-274. fig. 1. doi:10.1017/S0007087405006977 ...well, now there is:   pdf version Evolution if it wasnt by Darwinian means, how did it happen Part One and Part Two first draft for review


Part Two: If it didn’t happen by Neo-Darwinian means, how did evolution occur?

WEEKLEY SERIES:  If it didn’t happen by Neo-Darwinian means, how did evolution occur? Part Two The Great World Wide Web (www.dot) of life  Hybrid Speciation model of evolution & Genome remodeling via jumping genes  (A review of the models presented in last week’s article in the light of the above) I will start this discussion…

Evolutionary biologists are beginning to see that: “There are many roads to Rome, but Rome is not what it used to be”.

The wonderful world-wide-web of life Note the image above is more web-like than tree-like. The main title of this blog is a quote within an article recently posted in Science Daily (see link below). While you are reading the article, do keep in mind that many studies, particularly in more recent years, are beginning to…