Why Nature Deserves the Credit for the Dramatic Decline in Deaths from Once Deadlier Infectious diseases – NOT US – & Why this Matters More than Ever Today!

PDF Don't Count Your Children 'til they've had the Pox, Becoming Ancestrally Immune to Dying from Once Deadlier Contagions_  Click above to read why Nature should be given all the credit for the dramatic decline in deaths from once deadlier contagions and why this matters so much today... A. Parent  


Lamarck & the Epigenetic revolution in evolution (Press Release) Available from Amazon in paperback & all major book outlets from 20th Dec 2014

PRESS RELEASE “LAMARCK was RIGHT as seen in the SILENT EPIGENETIC REVOLUTION IN EVOLUTION” Dig-Press (contact Maria B. O’Hare) E-mail: diggingupthefuture@gmail.com Website: http://diggingupthefuture.com New Paperback Book entitled: THE EPIGENETIC CATERPILLAR: AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE DARWINIAN VIEW OF THE PEPPERED MOTH PHENONMENON by MARIA B. O’HARE (PHD). ISBN: 978-1-78280-388-1 (Launch date: 20th December 2014) will be…