How We May Have Gotten ‘Germ Theory’ Fundamentally Wrong! by A. Parent

Dubos (Mirage of Health 1959) "When the tide is receding from the beach it is easy to have the illusion that one can empty the ocean by removing water with a pail." Quoted in, McKinlay, J. B., & McKinlay, S. M. (1977, Introduction) Letter to the ‘TIMES’ 1854 ' We prefer to take our chance with cholera than be bullied into health. There is nothing a man hates so much as being cleansed against his will or having his floor swept, his hall whitewashed, his dung heaps cleared away and his thatch forced to give way to slate. It is a fact that many people have died from a good washing.' Child, J and Shuter, P. (1992, 101)