Why Nature Deserves the Credit for the Dramatic Decline in Deaths from Once Deadlier Infectious diseases – NOT US – & Why this Matters More than Ever Today!

PDF Don't Count Your Children 'til they've had the Pox, Becoming Ancestrally Immune to Dying from Once Deadlier Contagions_  Click above to read why Nature should be given all the credit for the dramatic decline in deaths from once deadlier contagions and why this matters so much today... A. Parent  


Did Jenner Really Save Us Or Was Nature Already On the Case?

‘Smallpox’ National Library of Medicine If Jenner had been right, and infant vaccination gave lifelong immunity, then we would have no problem today, but duration of immunity to prevent attack is very variable and relatively short. Dixon, C. W., (1962, 342) https://www.nlm.nih.gov/nichsr/esmallpox/smallpox_dixon.pdf

Part Five (of ‘Don’t Count Your Children Until they’ve Had the POX!’ Series) – Cholera: The Disease that Inspired Bram Stoker to Write Dracula? & A Tale of Two Pathogens.

Local legend has it that some people were buried alive, so great was the haste to dispose of the corpses. The scenes at night around Sligo only served to heighten the sense of dread in the town. Tar barrels were lit in the streets in a misguided attempt to purify the air... Doctors valiantly attempted to stem the outbreak, and had to contend with widespread ignorance about the disease. There was also suspicion that the medics themselves may have brought the disease upon the town -- they had conducted tests on the water to see if the epidemic had started there, and word spread that the water had been tampered with. Even when five of the doctors contracted cholera and died, the allegations continued...

Don’t Count your children until they’ve had the Pox: Weekly Series Intro & Part One.

INTRODUCTION  Can We Now Count Our Children? Whatever happened to the Great Plague of the middle ages; a disease we never had any medical interventions for? Although, back in the day, protection was adopted by visiting doctors who attended the sick – the mask with the beak of a bird was filled with various herb potions and if the afflicted didn’t die from the plague, surely they would have died of fright at the sight of such a vision on one's sick bed...