Did Jenner Really Save Us Or Was Nature Already On the Case?

‘Smallpox’ National Library of Medicine If Jenner had been right, and infant vaccination gave lifelong immunity, then we would have no problem today, but duration of immunity to prevent attack is very variable and relatively short. Dixon, C. W., (1962, 342) https://www.nlm.nih.gov/nichsr/esmallpox/smallpox_dixon.pdf

Part Six (of Don’t Count Your Children Until They’ve Had the POX!) Scarlet Fever Returns: but it is a lot less deadly!

Scarlet Fever Returns: but it is a lot less deadly We don't know much about Scarlet Fever from the earlier era (pre-1800s), but we do, however, understand that it was fairly widespread and existed in some form as it relates to another fairly similar disease - Diphtheria, as documented in the excerpt below taken from…