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Spot the difference between the two timelines. Yes, I know there is a lot more writing in the one directly above, but that is because there was no easy way to abbreviate it. That is because evolutionary processes are not simple, as you might imagine, however, there are simple underlying principles that explain a great deal when applied to what we know regarding the actual fossil record.This is how the alternative timeline came about. Obviously, the first timeline is the standard model according to Darwinian evolutionary theory, hence, that is the real difference between the two timelines.

The principles applied to the fossil record to attempt to discover how evolution may have developed (I use the word developed very specifically), if it wasn’t by Darwinian means (as the record clearly shows – if you don’t know why I am able to say this, then it might be useful for you to explore the site and all the articles and free e-books, PDF books and videos), are fully grounded on our increasingly sophisticated understanding of molecular biology/genetics, epigenetics, developmental studies, microbiology, and even from the field of physics and its application to biological complexity. Again, if you are unaware of all of this, please feel free to look around this site and explore the evidence yourself.

The alternative timeline and means of evolutionary complexity, timing and the nature of Nature to produce such vast and amazing diversity – which is anything but random, genetically-determined, slow, or directionless as the scientific evidence clearly shows, is fully documented and explained in simple lay-person terms within the book below.

 Book in Press

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Evolution: By Other Means?

Everything in this book is deeply researched, fully referenced and scientifically supported and gleaned from the most reputable scientific literature and, where possible, from primary (first-hand accounts) historical sources. My journey through this somewhat philosophically-charged field of evolutionary study came about through the dawning realisation that our modern synthesis (Neo-Darwinian) version of biological complexity was not as scientifically grounded as most of us might think.