Spot the difference?

Have you ever wondered how/why we humans are the only primates that habitually walk/run on two legs; have brains three times bigger in relation to our bodies than any other primate; have a unique voice box that allows most of us to use verbal language, and we also have exceptional dexterity with our hands and thus, we make rather sophisticated tools and other nifty technology? And of course, we are the only naked ape!

the philosophical chimpChimp: the great thinker

                   …And lastly, but of course not least: how come we are the only primate that went from crossing the vast prairies of America in a canvas-topped wagon to flying aircraft, and finishing off by being launched into space in a rocket and landing on the moon in just three short generations as Edgar Mitchell (the sixth man on the moon) once pointed out in a documentary interview regarding his own family history back to the time of his Grandfather?


The purpose of this series of blogs is to present new and exciting alternatives to our current standard theories on the topic of how we got to be so uniquely human and therefore, how we actually did evolve the way we did. The conventional evolutionary explanations are becoming increasingly untenable in the light of our deeper understanding of our less than straightforward, and rather convoluted evolutionary history.

Furthermore, this series on How Did Humans Evolve? (and I might add that it may not be quite how you think… to say the least) will attempt to offer rational and scientific alternative explanations, based upon the most up-to-date scientific discoveries, these blogs will not make connections to missing links where none exist. All I aim to do, is to bring these deeper insights and ideas about evolution together in one place (connect the factual dots, ask the right sort of questions and generally cut through the jargon laden literature) and focus as we go along, on the main issues of this rather wide and somewhat controversial topic. Thus, I hope you will be better informed after reading the entire series so that YOU can make up your own mind on the subject of how we got to be so uniquely human.

Below is an article I wrote for Graham Hancock’s website about Elaine Morgan and her significant contribution to the Aquatic Ape theory. Elaine was an amazing woman who took on the scientific establishment and won – although you may not know that… Read on and find out more:

Tribute to Elaine Morgan by Maria B O Hare diggingupthefuture


As always, thanks for taking an interest and I hope you enjoy following this series.


Maria Brigit



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