This blog was created a few years ago to document and share ongoing science-based and historical insights that challenged almost all of the author’s pre-existing assumptions regarding natural processes.

It all started shortly after I had been working as an independent researcher with a specialism in archaeology (PhD), for a few years until the research focused increasingly more on what became a passion spawned by digging around some old dusty long forgotten archives and soon discovered that our current genetically-driven concept of evolutionary dynamics itself evolved and often, not by natural means. I began to realise that there had always been well-founded scientifically sound criticism of our Darwinian model and indeed, perfectly plausible alternatives, hence, as these exciting and much aligned evolutionary concepts are finally beginning to get the scientific recognition they have always deserved, I began writing about these in this present blog.

This research and ongoing discoveries have also, as a result of this blog, made their way into several publications under the imprint: DiG-Press (See Menu bar ‘Books‘: ‘Little Book of Evolutionary Quotes’, ‘The Epigenetic Caterpillar: An Alternative View of the Peppered Moth Phenomenon’, ‘Lamarck and the Sad Tale of the Blind Cave Fish’ and watch out for forthcoming book about D’Arcy Thompson’s dynamic evolutionary model).

Another related book – soon to be released, is entitled: ‘Don’t Count Your Children Until They’ve Had the Pox’ which explores a very different form of non-genetic generational immunity using original death statistics from some of the deadliest contagions known to humankind with a focus on Ireland and comparing these with other developed nations.





Maria graduated with a 1st Class honours degree in Archaeology from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland and later completed her doctoral study in the same subject and received her PhD in 2005.


Subsequently, she worked as a freelance specialist (primarily pre-historic stone tools), contract research for academic institutions and commercial archaeological consultancies. Then her research began to take a different direction a few years ago as it came to encompass a fairly distinctive field of science, namely: the historical and critical scientific examination of the Darwinian version of evolution. And she also discovered that “Old Mr. Darwin wasn’t to Blame”…

3D old mr darwin book

Maria became involved in this divergent line of research quite by accident, when she began working on a novel (a little light relief from archaeology), which turned out to involve some fairly deep research into the topic of evolutionary biology and genetics. The reason being: the story revolved around a young and rather naive geneticists, Michael McNamara, who was desperately seeking answers as he tried to come to terms with the confinement of the light-less world deep in the bowels of a highly classified underground facility; at an undisclosed location; sometime in the unspecified  future.

DNA nebula

As the creator of this fictional scenario, Maria was at a loss to explain anything that would be scientifically plausible to the reader in this futurist and highly sophisticated scientific subterranean world. She discovered this whilst trying to make sense of it all from the available and established dogma of the standard theory of evolution as most of us know it to-day. The fictional creation was finally put on hold (at least until something more believable could replace it) in favour of a factional future and something more grounded. This is when she began writing about her discoveries in her blog:digging up the future.

web of life
the tree of life probably had many roots…

The research articles and resultant books, have come to focus more and more on the fascinating world of historically marginalised, obscured, ignored or simply forgotten scientific alternatives to Darwinism. They also offer an emerging not-so-new and perfectly Naturalistic Synthesis as these lesser-known or obscured concepts of evolutionary processes are increasingly  finding clear empirical scientific support in the light of our emerging and deeper understanding of biological complexity; whereas, the Darwinian view is not.

evolution by other means cropped

The research is still ongoing, as well as the production of books on the rather large and convoluted topic of evolutionary Darwinism in to-day’s society.


The Saga Continues….Let’s keep digging up the future