quill_pen_and_ink_wellThis is my occasional writer’s corner: a blog within a blog, so to speak…

It all started very late in life (I was almost too old to be a pH D student, but still looked young enough to get away with it – Well, at least that is what I was told as I revealed my age to a few fairly gob-smacked class mates.., Maybe they were being  polite). Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, my adviser, a very tall and gangley (as we say in Ireland, but I have no idea how to spell it) Professor, towered over me in the midst of his disheveled office and said:

“You write ENGLISH like it is your second language!”

Well, apart from the strain in my neck from trying to remain upright and not collapse into a howling pool of nothingness, the part that really hurt was of course that: English was my first! My one, my ONLY language; the only darned bloody language I possessed. Yes, I tried Irish (my supposed native language which was beaten out of most of us for so many generations it had become somewhat alien to us – not to mention the fact that it was actively discouraged in some areas of my upbringing to put it mildly). Ironically, the archaeology professor was best known as a Celtic scholar of the Indo-European languages – (some may have guessed who he is by now). Yes I’m being candid, but why not? Hence the UNRULY PEN bit… Maybe, I’m ready to laugh at it all now and create a type of catharsis by sharing my struggles with writing & publishing. I might even cause a slight raising of someone’s left eyebrow, or cause a slight smerk, or even a chuckle. Perhaps I will ruffle the feathers of some odd stickler for grammar and send them into a complete spin. What is the harm in that?

Anyway, I hope my English has improved, a little. And, my Irish is actually coming on not too bad. Alright, Rather Well – if you would prefer that construction. The moral of this story is: what does somebody like myself, who desperately wants to express themselves through the medium of the pen do? (or, computer, smartphone, mobile apps/social-networking, forums etc, etc, although, I still prefer the old Luddite method myself) – They WRITE & WRITE…. And nothing should stop them. Not even a really poor education – Speaking of which, my education was so poor in fact, I wrote a little poem about it:


Education left me with a large piece of paper to fill in as I pleased.

I know it isn’t technically a poem: Too short. But, there you go. And so short that nothing rhymes. Anyway, the point is: Just write and keep writing and, if you have something interesting to say, someone might listen. JUST DO IT. IF YOU WRITE: YOU ARE A WRITER. This new inspiration & invigoration came from a blog I read yesterday. You might be inspired by it also. See the link below.


P.S. I decided to do this blog within a blog, when I’m not writing and editing the old Darwin books, to share my writing experience. You see, I’m in the process of publishing on-line (the topic relates to many things within the main blog) and it has been a very steep learning curve.

Hope you enjoy my rants from the unruly pen.

Maria Brigit

(Please leave comments if you feel inspired)


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