cappucinoThe Darwin Delusion (Book One of the series by the same name) is cheaper than a Cappuccino Grande. Inside, is everything you ever wanted to know about Non-Darwinian evolution, but were perhaps a little afraid to ask, plus answers to questions you may not know needed asking…. KEY SEARCH TERMS on AMAZON are DARWIN EVOLUTION  and don’t forget to add DELUSION & this will bring you straight to my book (Kindle version for time being). The key word search will help others who don’t know about the book to find it easier – apparently – hence I did not put a direct link to the book.

I hope you ENJOY and even crack a little smile as you are reading it – I enjoyed writing it – Please Share this link or tweet about it to anyone you think might be interested. The book will definitely give YOU a GREAT deal of Food for Thought and much meatier and cheaper than even the frothiest Cappuccino Grande in a paper cup that you can buy almost anywhere in the world.



cropped-book-one-the-darwin-delusion.jpgRemember search terms: DARWIN EVOLUTION DELUSION


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