Book One: The Darwin Delusion

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Date: 15/05/2014

Contact: Maria B. O’Hare (


The Darwin Delusion (Newly released Book on Amazon Kindle).

The Darwin Delusion (on Amazon) offers solutions to everything you ever wanted to know about Darwinian Evolution, but were afraid to ask….

Spiddal, Galway – Maria O’Hare (author of Darwin Delusion) is a freelance archaeologist /researcher (PhD) who has a passion for science and in particular: the natural world. Then she began to suspect, while carrying out some related research, that the current theory of evolution (that most of us adhere to) was not as water-tight as we had been led to believe. Indeed, it was not actually well supported behind the scientific scenes, so, being an archaeologist, she began digging (metaphorically of course) and this first book in the Darwin Delusion series is an overview of what she uncovered in the end.


For instance, O’Hare raises many pertinent questions throughout her book, but she also answers them; questions such as:


“If we share 50% of our genetic code with bananas: does that make us half banana?”


This is a good-humored look at a fascinating issue, which is as relevant today as it was back in Darwin’s time. O’Hare takes a philosophical, scientific and multidisciplinary approach to this diverse topic and cuts through the jargon-laden literature and reveals the underlying misconceptions and presumptions embedded in the Darwinian theory. She presents her findings in a palatable way that should reach a broad spectrum of readers with a desire to understand the deeper mysteries of our natural world. O’ Hare also makes a case (based upon solid and up-to-date scientific research): that evolution has not quite unfolded in the way we think it has. In other words, she demonstrates via her deep research (all sources embedded as live links throughout her text ranging from video to interesting articles on popular science web-sites and from Darwin’s original texts to the most up-to-date cutting edge scientific papers)  that evolution was not actually via Darwinian means.


Furthermore, she also makes a good case to show that Darwin’s old theory of evolution was reinstated by less than natural means and she refers, with very good cause, to the Neo-Darwinists as “population meddlers” and believes that they “genetically modified Darwin” and his theory to the point that it would have been seriously disapproved of by Darwin himself.


Author profile is on: Author profile on Goodreads and Amazon author page and purchase information of the Darwin Delusion book is on The Darwin Delusion

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