As you will see throughout much of the research within this blog and as presented in the videos below, our scientific insights into epigenetics are the game-changer in the genetic Roulette of life. Your genes are not your destiny – your experience is. This certainly changes the old Nature vs. Nurture debate towards Nurture being the main-driver. Only thing is, it comes with quite a big bit of responsibility – but, epigenetics turns out to be very empowering and highly relevant to all of our lives.

This, of course, couldn’t be further from living under the old regime of the Neo-Darwinian dogma that claimed that your genes were selfishly and slavishly-driven survival machines and there wasn’t a jot you could ever do to change them! (Anyone familiar with Richard Dawkins’ perspective should know what I am referring to).

You might also like to watch my own little video about my background and how I got to researching everything about epigenetics and how this led to me questioning the entire science behind the old Neo-Darwinian dogma and perhaps bringing back Lamarck instead! If you don’t know what I am on about, take a look around this blog and you should come to understand.




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