”Everything around us is scale dependent…

It’s woven into the fabric of the universe…

It is truly amazing because life is easily the most complex of complex systems,…

‘But in spite of this, it has this absurdly simple scaling law. Something universal is going on …”

Johnson (1999, ‘New York Times’ 12th January, excerpts taken from an interview with G. West – physicist working on biological systems)


Whether it be: the growth rate of any organism from a gnat to an iguana, and from algae to great oak forests: everything seems to be governed by universal laws of fractal-like nested scales of complexity. The  Sigmoidal growth & development ‘S’ Curve is one of those laws that Nature appears to abide by. See info graphic above for the Sigmoidal Growth Curve.

Growth models based on first principles or phenomenology?

…growth curves are almost universally sigmoidal…

West et al (2004, Introduction)


As Physics begins to reunite with biology…for instance, as a result of his research, Geoffrey West (Physicist who collaborates with biologists) has come to the realisation that Nature is full of universal patterning that is predictable. As these identifiable scales of magnitude and fractal-like patterning are measurable, this is therefore a very powerful scientific tool which, can begin to reveal the previously unknowable aspect of growth and development: EVOLUTIONARY Species development.


There is something, an essential and indispensable something, which is common to them all, something which is the subject of all our transformations, and remains invariant (as the mathematicians say) under them all.

D’Arcy Thompson (1945, 1085)


The identification of the universal patterning embedded at every scale is not such a new concept. Indeed, there is a growing body of support for D’Arcy Thompson’s profound observations (see above quote) of the underlying nature of Nature. I have attempted to apply these universal scaling concepts (invariants) in an effort to discover a form of development we cannot so readily observe in real-time: the rate and patterning of evolutionary development of the species on every scale.

The initial investigation started with D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s (1860 – 1948) alternative evolutionary scenario (non-Darwinian) which could be best summarised as: SCALING LAWS EMBEDDED IN ALL LIFE & APPLIED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF LIFE itself.

All in all, I believe that the above info graphic is the best summary that I can think to make regarding the essential essence of the discoveries made whilst researching the deep historical record of alternative evolutionary theories; naturalistic theories (and very much testable and empirically supported ideas of the past) which, I have come to believe, from simply following the evidence: has the potential to completely topple the entire Darwinian tree (roots and all).

The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity

…A few deep and beautiful laws may govern the emergence of life and the population of the biosphere…

Kauffman (1996, 23)


If you are interested in finding out more about the Matryoshka (nested scaling laws) and how this model applies directly to evolutionary complexity, it is detailed with clickable links to all the scientific literature in Chapter One of a newly published e-book. It is available for Free as I believe that the information is so important that it should be shared widely and with as much ease as possible. So all I ask, if you go for the free copy, is to SHARE WIDELY so that others can find this information and access it for themselves.

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