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*Note: this article has been updated since its original posting as more supporting info emerged and incorporated into the ongoing series on alternative evolution.

Part Five

Well, if it didn’t happen by Neo-Darwinian means, how did evolution occur?

How Reptilian are YOU?

I am sure we have often heard the expression that you have a reptilian brain. This comes from a literal interpretation of a theoretic concept developed in the 60s by American physician and neuroscientistPaul D. MacLean and as Wikipedia state: he “propounded it at length in his 1990 book The Triune Brain in Evolution’ ”  If you look it up, you will see why he has a lot to answer for in mythologising this meme as it was he, who coined the terms ‘R’-complex/reptilian complex. This is a misnomer and only reinforces the concept that we descended directly from some reptilian stock.


Source: Scientific America blog


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