Galaxy-MetamorphosisHerschel images of a small fraction of the galaxies analyzed in the new study. The images have a size of 5 x 5 arcsec2. The circle has a radius of 1.5 arcsec. Image credit: Stephen Eales et al.

Isn’t it peculiar that there are universal scaling laws and predictable growth/evolutionary patterns – as applied to biology’s big bang and metamorphosis as a means of evolutionary leaps in complexity

(See this week’s coming article on this blog & review link below for biology’s scaling and growth laws discussion),  and it now seems that galaxies also use metamorphosis to change radically and rapidly  – something universal is going on for sure…

Click on image for article on metamorphosising galaxies from which opens with the following title and introductory paragraph:

Astronomers Find First Direct Evidence of Galaxy ‘Metamorphosis’

Aug 28, 2015 by

A multinational group of astronomers has shown that a large proportion of galaxies have undergone a major ‘metamorphosis’ since they were initially formed after the Big Bang.

read more at this link


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