3D Lamarck and fish book
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1 April 2015 | Galway Ireland
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challenging previous assumptions about how species change

Maria B. O’Hare, Author of the newly released book Lamarck and the Sad Tale of the Blind Cave-Fish re-assesses the unjust suppression & more recent scientific vindication of the ‘Original Founder of Evolution’ Jean Baptiste Lamarck who presented his theory to the world the same year that Charles Darwin was born.

O’Hare, a PhD in archaeology (freelance researcher and writer) focuses on the evidence to show that Darwin was actually a Lamarckian when it came to explaining species change such as blindness in animals finding themselves in darkened environments (blind cave-fish for example) and how these concepts are being supported by our most recent molecular understanding in biology.

The Author highlights key points in history, taken from original sources, as to how, why and when Lamarckian principles of evolution were actively suppressed and how this was driven more by opposing philosophies than a desire to understand the deeper complexities of biological evolution. O’Hare also outlines how the unnatural promotion of Neo-Darwinian selection theory, which she refers to as the genetically modified version, was far removed from the form of selection that Darwin himself had actually proposed.

“evolutionary principles became part of a dynamic view of evolutionary thought being explored within the emerging fields of molecular biology, genetics and developmental studies at the turn of the 20th century (just as the Neo-Darwinian selection theory was seriously falling out of favour). Now, in the early 21st Century, these concepts are returning from their long imposed exile and beginning to form a major tenet of a dynamic and emerging evolutionary synthesis. Lamarckian principles could be described as a form of a ‘natural correction’– synonymous with epigenetics today (meaning to go beyond the fixed coding of the genes) and at the same time, epigenetics is seriously calling into question our current model of genetically-driven evolutionary change via natural selection”.

Maria O’Hare lives in the Gaeltacht, Spiddal, Galway with her son and partner and plays Irish traditional music regularly in an around local pubs and at festivals. She has a passion for research into anything relating to science and particularly, the history and philosophy of science and has written on her blog http://diggingupthefuture.com on such subjects as well as in other books.


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