elaine morgan

A Tribute to Elaine Morgan
Who challenged the scientific establishment on, how we got to be so UNIQUELY HUMAN
*Maria B. O’Hare
(PhD -Archaeologist/independent researcher)

swimmin baby
Photo Credit: Ian Taylor, Jez Dixon, Water Babies.

You can take a scientist to knowledge, but you can’t make him THINK!
(I use the male pronoun for a scientist quite deliberately and you might see why in a moment…)

This article is a tribute and celebration of the work of Elaine Morgan, who is sadly no longer with us as of last year, but she remains as an inspiration to all of us who knew her work. And, I hope that this article will do some justice in introducing, or reintroducing, Elaine and her research to anyone who has ever been curious about our human origins and felt that the conventional explanation given for our uniquely human characteristics just don’t seem to add up.

See full article on Graham Hancock’s site:


and an article written some years ago by Elaine Morgon on the Aquatic Ape Theory also on Graham’s site here: http://www.grahamhancock.com/forum/MorganE1.php


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