Warning: this blog wanders off into a discussion on ancient astranaut theory…. aploligies. But I was just having one of my rants. You can just read the first section and article linked to this post about the largest megalithic struction ever if you so desire.

giant megalith in Russia

Just one of the Giant granite cut-stones from the SUPER-MEGALITHIC structure in Siberia at Gornaya Shoria from an article entitled:

Super-megalithic Site Found in Russia: Natural or Man-made?  Mysterious Universe article

“An ancient “super-megalithic” site has been found in the Siberian Mountains.  Found recently in Gornaya Shoria (Mount Shoria) in southern Siberia, this site consists of huge blocks of stone, which appear to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.  The blocks appear to be stacked, almost in the manner of cyclopean masonry, and well…they’re enormous!

Russia is no stranger to mysterious ancient sites, like Arkaim or Russia’s Stonehenge, and the Manpupuner formation, just to name two, but the site at Shoria is unique in that, if it’s man-made, the blocks used are undoubtedly the largest ever worked by human hands…”


Fascinating or what? Yet another archaeological conundrum pointing to a mysterious technology that we still cannot achieve even today! Personally, I’m not entirely convinced of the ancient  astronauts explanation as it is presented these day on mainstream media. Especially, when it is implied that space aliens were the astronauts. For example, why would space aliens come all the way across the galaxies – millions of light-years in a physical craft and then crash at the last-minute? If they are so advanced, you would think that they would have the sense not to crash. You would think if they are so clever: they wouldn’t need a physical space-craft in the first place. My resistance to the ancient alien scenario is not because I refuse to do space aliens – just that other explanations of such phenomenon may be applicable.  It seems to me that all of the ‘high strangeness’ is in of itself -very real to the experiencer and requires explanation.


For instance, the  Jodi Foster movie (CONTACT) type scenario springs to mind, where from the perspective of the onlookers – she went nowhere, but from her perspective she travelled to an alien planet and met her dad. And as wonderful as all this CONTACT was, she soon figured, he was a piece of consciousness posing as her Dad. Very profound. But that is more how I see all this ‘spokey-action-at-a-distance‘ type stuff (as Einstein once called the crazy world of quantum physics) as yet unexplained universal phenomena and, perhaps, in time, we may begin to get some answers and we’ll probably realise, eventually, that all this strange phenomenon is  consciousness generated and then the joke will be on us? There I am again – wandering off the subject. Yes, anyway, about this ancient technology.


Indeed, we certainly have a lot more to learn about our past. There is no doubt about it. This ancient high technology does require better explanations than the conventional academic wisdom on this topic.  It seems that the more I learn and the deeper I dig: the less I know, or at least, the more I’m willing to accept my own ignorance.  I do not have the  answers, no more than anyone else. Although, I love attempting to get to at least some truths and the fact that there are still so many mysteries remaining to be solved, I believe that the more interesting question is: WHY WERE THEY BUILT?

Any thoughts?


CHEERS for now

…Yet more food for thought


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