black hole sprial PW-2014-06-24-Commissariat-tripleAbove is an recent image of the formation of a blackhole in two opposing spirals that become a triplified form

Did the Ancients know something about the cosmos that we are only beginning to understand?


“A trio of closely orbiting supermassive black holes has been spotted in a galaxy nearly 4.2 billion light-years away. The discovery was made by an international team of astronomers, which points out that such triple systems are very rare because most galaxies have just one black hole at their centre. This system is particularly interesting to astronomers because two of the three black holes are very closely bound, forming a “tight” binary pair within the system..”

Read more Black hole article explaining triple spiral


The rarity of massive triple spiral blackholes and forming a double spiral is facinating as it gives us an insight into the birth of certain blackholes.  I started thinking about the common form of spiral seen at many ancient sites. In particular I thought about the New Grange triple spiral (see image below) from County Meath in Ireland from the interior of the passage tomb. New Grange is aligned celestially to focus the first light on the Winter Solstice through a light box opening at the entrance.

newgrange triple spiral


It is interesting that the figure of eight double spiral appears to come from a single spiral, or this could be interpreted symbolically as the formation of a celestial body. Blackholes are a good candidate, at least special triple formations. Now of course, it would be difficult to argue that these ancients knew about such things. However, it is certainly food for thought. It got me thinking anyway.



Just an interesting thought experiment

Maria Brigit





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