lizard walks on water

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A bove are images of the lizard that walks on water, hence its name: the Jesus Christ Lizard. Below is a video which presents very good evidence for a 4th phase of water, otherwise known as H3/2O due to its distinct molecular structure in a certain state.  My interest in posting this is that it might have big implications for early life. And anyone who has visited this site should know that a much overdue alternative to our current understanding of evolution is emerging from the most cutting-edge science. This is just one of many ideas that would explain how early pre-cellular life may have emerged via natural electro-magnetic attraction/repellant interaction between lipids for example.


Photosynthesis is a very important aspect of the implications of the 4th phase of water for early life such as bacteria etc. It explains a lot  at least in my mind as I have been looking at this for some time now.

Below the video link is a recent scientific finding that may support the idea of a 4th phase of water. Enjoy and share. Thanks


Split personality of water


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