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I was just working on Book Two (The Descent of Darwin with Modification) of the Darwin Delusion series, when I came across the above publication dating to the turn of the 20th century (yet another revealing translation from French of Lamarck’s fully naturalistic and comprehensive evolutionary theory). This publication refers to Lamarck in the following title of the translation as:


This book (freely available online to download from the Gutenburg project) is linked directly above. It is the Life & Work of Lamarck with Translation of his writings on organic evolution by Alpheus, S. Packard professor of Zoology & Geology in Brown University

This is antidote to all those high profile and well-respected mainstream articles & encyclopedias that still proclaim Lamarck to be wrong. They obviously haven’t been reading the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed articles on molecular biology of late or on epigenetics and the epigenome (that does not change the DNA/genes, but its expression and how this is triggered and orchestrated via environment).


Enjoy the publication – I know I have and it never ceases to amaze me how misrepresented Lamarckian ideas are protrayed to the public – could it be that because these ideas (epigenetics) are so revolutionary & in complete philosophical & scientific opposition to Darwinism by any chance? Don’t forgot, Darwin was not adverse to Lamarck or his ideas, indeed, Darwin came round to thinking that Lamarckian evolution may have played a significant role in evolution alongside, natural selection. For more information on this topic, Book One, the Darwin Delusion is available to download on Amazon.


Until the next time, take care (tweet & share articles if you like my posts) Thanks a Million!!

Maria Brigit


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