Above is a link to a long-awaited web-site – an invaluable resource for anyone wanting the find out about how the current Darwinian version of Evolution is simply inadequate to describe the deep complexities of biological life. Professor James Shapiro has written extensively on the new and exciting scientific research that lays out a third way between the two opposing and extreme views of Creationism or Darwinism in its most dogmatic form as explanations of evolution.


The launch of this new site is a real breath of fresh air for anyone like myself, who wants to discover how life on the planet actually evolved, rather than being forced to either adhere to one doctrine of evolution or another. Anyone who wants to know about alternatives to Darwinian doctrine, should bookmark the above web site.


I’m absolutely delighted that Shapiro along with others, has created this platform for discussion, information and insights into the remarkable revolution occurring in evolutionary theory ENJOY & share. And one last thing. The site came to my attention via the Discovery Institute and linked resources, so they should be given the credit here. I check out all resources relating to Darwinian evolution including the Richard Dawkins site, which I must say I find the continuous diatribe about whether it is cool to be an atheist or not – rather un-enlightening.


Please share this link via twitter on the side bar/facebook/google plus, what ever way you can get this out.


THANKS for reading

Maria Brigit


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