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Yes, I can hear the outrage now – but we didn’t descend from chimps! Ok, the chimp-like ancestor that split into distinct lineages of human and chimp. Sorry about the image – it may be somewhat disturbing to some. But it did seem relevant to my little ramble about our less than straightforward ancestr.  I put the chimp in the suit above it so that is wouldn’t scare people off on twitter or facebook where they tend to show the first image only.


Anyway, this is just a quick blog about our so-called common ancestor: the illusive ancestor to chimps and ourselves. Briefly, the molecular clock runs at different rates in chimps compared to humans (referenced in my recent book and reading list on this blog) and the molecular clocks don’t work anyway as they are based on assumptions that are simply wrong. Again, I have sources in my book for such outrageous, but perfectly founded in the most up-to-date science, claims…..


Now, we have all been told over and over again that we descended from chimps (or at least a common ancestor of a chimp and human who we are still trying to find), yes, the chimp & human lineage split, apparently about 6/7 million years ago…


Well, that’s interesting….There are upright walking (fully bipedal – not like auntie Lucy) Ape creatures dating back 22 million years ago (see the upright Ape book by Filler or read the Darwin Delusion series – the first of the series by the same name is just released and available from Amazon please – then I don’t have to explain this over and over again – its’s very cheap and going free over the next few days I hear. Anyway, the book breaks down the newer thinking in molecular biology, which are in principal, based on older, and very non-Darwinian ideas about evolution.

However, this is one part of evolution that almost everyone got wrong, including Darwin, and that was common descent – sorry folks – evolution is a lot more complex and interesting than you think – Just let’s say that it is more like a web of life; there is no single ancestor that resides at the bottom of the evolutionary tree – in fact, there is not tree – it’s toppling as we speak – and finally, after all the hybridization & Horizontal genetic exchange (non-inherited) – well you can see how it is a mess. Our genealogy I mean and our so-called relationship to chimps.


I’ll leave you with this thought: If we share 50% of our genes with a banana, does that make us half banana? Well no of course not. And did you know we share two-thirds of our genes with a particular worm (an elegant type). I won’t ask the obvious. The clue to why we everything on the planet shares similar genes in one combination or another, is that it is not the genes that make the difference between critters, but how, when and to what degree they are expressed (turned off, turned on etc). We, and everything else has a fully adaptive genetic editing system that is ultimately driven by the environment and changes to existing genes are ongoing all the time (but in quite subtle ways). This is the EPIGENETIC revolution in evolution – It’s BIG folks and has much more massive implications for our current understanding (paradigm/doctrine/ideology- or what ever you want to call it) of evolution, which also of course has implications for how we evolved.

There is a lot more in my book about all this and you should get a very good idea of the main mechanisms of evolution (non-Darwinian) if you chose to read it. The other books simply go into more depth and apply these principals to the fossil record and all that we know – or thought we knew about evolution.  There is more information on this site about the book and I hope to get it into a physical book over the next few months (it’s on Kindle at the moment).

Sorry for the rush – It is really late and I am very spontaneous about these thoughts that run through my head like: How can I explain (in a simplified way – that we didn’t descend from chimps – where do I begin? THere is a lot to that question and it has taken me four books to deal with it all – THanks for dropping by


Signing off for a while










One thought on “How humans evolved – and it certainly wasn’t from chimps

  1. We actually are 50% banana, and the only reason we see zero percent similarity between ourselves and bananas is that our entire common ancestry with them (which covers most of the ancestry of both forms of life) is that our last common ancestor with them was microscopic and thus does not possess any of the macroscopic features we can see with our eyes. But on a cellular and genetic level we are remarkably similar.


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