moonmars lakemars pyramids7890043_f520marssnowflakes2300saturn moon with sea inside

You may be wondering why I put the Cydonia (mars) – so-called pyramids in with the other images relating to water. Well if you didn’t spot it the first time, go back and look at the geometry of the ice-crystals on Mars; yes they are small, but on a larger scale they match exactly the geometry of the Cydonia anomalies (pyramids?). Just thought I would share my thinking on that one.


Now back to the WATER in, and on these planets & moons depicted above. And there’s a lot more of them in the articles below….     And No, all the water cannot be explained via impacts from comets, which don’t now appear to be dirty ice balls as we have all been taught – (see anything relating to the electric universe theory – a discussion for another time perhaps). The articles from science web-sites below,  give a good overview of just how common water is  outside the planet earth. These articles discuss water on planets & moons ranging from underground seas to a lake-bed on Mars (see above image with blue color where lake would have been).

I find it interesting that mainstream science used to be so against the idea of water on other planets and/or moons, just in case they found some life there I suppose, yet, now: there is a total barrage of earth-like planets being thrust into the public arena – I wonder why. Anyway, there’s quite a few articles here, but they are all very interesting and mostly about water – the stuff of life (but maybe not as we know it)! Enjoy!   Maria Brigit (if you’re not on wordpress then tweet in the birdie side bar if you like this site – thanks!!



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