Going FREE to a good home, starting Friday 30th May – ending Sunday 1st June 2014, A Kindle version of The Darwin Delusion (non-fiction/science/evolution/historical & non-partisan) down-to-earth & slightly humorous, but massively informative, examination of the new and wonderful science erupting within biology that makes the Darwinian theory of evolution look like “…an amusing collection of 19th century anecdotes” as quoted by one of great philosophers of the modern era – Dr. Berlinski.



And NO, you don’t have to own a Kindle. Just download  for FREE, a Kindle App from Amazon that will work on your device of choice: i-phone, Android, PC, Mac, i-pad/pod etc. Click this link to read anything on Kindle in moments Kindle FREE app for any device

Book Info at:

The Darwin Delusion book on Amazon & Author profile: Author details on Amazon


3 thoughts on “FREE Kindle book (new release) ‘The Darwin Delusion’

    1. Hi Chris,

      Perhaps I should have said a deeper understanding of biology rather than new science. I have a really good quote from Shapiro about how it is like comparing Newtonian physics to quantum physics or something along those lines. This would demonstrate what I mean, but I’m really busy as the moment – but I will get back to you with it.



  1. Ok. Yes, if you also see my site, I explore some current ideas in evolutionary theory such as multilevel selection, phenotypic plasticity, epigenetic inheritance, and cultural evolution.


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