I came across this article in Forbes from a few years back and found it interesting in the light of my own research. It really does attempt to underplay, and sweep under the carpet, the serious implications of fields of study such as epigenetics, physics, bio-chemical processes, molecular biology and EVO-DEVO (evolutionary development macro-evolution) ideas.


The reason for doing this of course, is that they are trying to say that none of this new (and not so new) understanding of evolution and our natural world, is really impacting the essentials of natural selection and the updated Darwinian theory of evolution. They proclaim, it is still intact; no matter how much the popular press proclaim it to be a revolution with the potential to overthrow Darwin.

DNA, Epigenome, genes
DNA, Epigenome, genes

Here is a shameless plug: My book the Darwin Delusion will be out on 13th May 2014, a few days from now, available from I Amazon (Kindle or apps for any device – then in physical book form). This is one of the many issues I address in the book and hopefully by the time you have finished reading it, you will understand why the above article just seems ludicrous to me and really quite a feeble attempt to defend a long overdue dismantling of a thoroughly unscientific theory and replace it with something a whole lot better. Indeed, the new evidence is pointing towards a new epigenetic synthesis to explain evolution.


Thanks for reading and stay in touch with my blogs for more updates

Maria Brigit



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