The ‘Epigenetic Synthesis’ beats flogging Darwin’s dead horse

The Epigenetic Synthesis is the title for the above image I found on an academic institute's website. The overview description of what epigenetics is, and how it impacts, profoundly, on everything on our planet and therefore, our evolution, can be found further on. Anyway, the term Epigenetic Synthesis, in my humble, but educated opinion, is…

Did We Really Evolve from FISH??? (extract from soon to be published book – ‘The Descent of Darwin with Modification: So Long & thanks for all the Walking FISH)

Did we really evolve from a fish? Were we once the bait, then the catch, and now the angler? Dawkins says: don’t be silly. Fish and mammals had a primitive common ancestor. So why do some fish remain fish, while others go on to become us I ask in all innocence and where is the…

Quantum Mechanics Explains Efficiency of Photosynthesis

Quantum Mechanics can explain a lot more about biological systems than we might imagine

After Big Bang

Light-gathering macromolecules in plant cells transfer energy by taking advantage of molecular vibrations whose physical descriptions have no equivalents in classical physics, according to the first unambiguous theoretical evidence of quantum effects in photosynthesis published in the journal Nature Communications.

The majority of light-gathering macromolecules are composed of chromophores (responsible for the colour of molecules) attached to proteins, which carry out the first step of photosynthesis, capturing sunlight and transferring the associated energy highly efficiently. Previous experiments suggest that energy is transferred in a wave-like manner, exploiting quantum phenomena, but crucially, a non-classical explanation could not be conclusively proved as the phenomena identified could equally be described using classical physics.

Often, to observe or exploit quantum mechanical phenomena systems need to be cooled to very low temperatures. This however does not seem to be the case in some biological systems, which display quantum properties even at ambient temperatures.


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An Alternative to Darwinian Evolution – Quantum Butterfly effect: epigenetic evolution (Fractality/Universal scaling laws applied to biological systems: Epigenetic Evolution

Here are some ramblings of an evolving theory of evolution; an alternative to Darwinian evolution which simply does not explain anything when you look at it closely. If you are shocked by this statement, please have a look at some of the videos and articles on this site, or if you are viewing this post…