blinded by scienceDear Mr. Darwin, & your lovely Emma, if she is still around,

I would just like to apologise in advance for my words that are alas, making their way into print (or at least in an electronic format which I know you would have been amazed by and would have made the writing of your own books a great deal easier). Anyway, I digress. The important thing is the power of words – in whatever format they are delivered, but none as powerful as those that are written down; it is this that I ask your pardon. You, more than most, might understand as you yourself experienced, first-hand, the affects of attempting to remove the blinkers from eyes that do not want to see.

Unfortunately, in my own era, our attempts at scientific enquiry have become increasingly stifled by dogmatism: not of the religious kind, but in many aspects of our sciences (particularly the big stuff that tries to address the deeper meaning of life), these have now become the very unquestionable doctrine that your ideas once challenged. I know you would be horrified most by this, as it is YOUR very own naturalistic theory, in its modern form in particular, that has become the most stringent Creed of our times; a doctrine that has completely stultified the very essence of scientific discovery.

So, I hope you understand and please, please forgive me, I had to try and address this shameful state of affairs and of course as it has a great deal to do with your theory; not the man – the wonderful Human Being that you appear to have been – (You see, I feel I got to know you through your correspondences we are so lucky to have access to them all), I hope you will not be offended by my endeavours to reveal the truth of the situation . I want you to know that none of my words were ever intended to offend you or, anyone else who is, or feels, connected to you on so many other levels – beyond the theory which, you knew yourself would cause much grief and would only stand up if it were proved through the test of time, which alas it never did. You always had your doubts and were never arrogant about your ideas – never! Thank you for your time in this matter.

P.S. I’m sure you have lots of time where you are, it’s only us mortals who have to learn to lighten up and not take it all so seriously – I mean what is wrong with having a good old debate about how something as complex as evolution might have happened? Personally, I think it’s exciting that we don’t have all the answers yet, & perhaps never will. But I suspect that you know the answer to this & many other quandaries by now, given where you are. But, in the meantime, personally I would just like to pursue the truth wherever that may lead.

Sincerely Yours

 Maria Brigit O’Harequill_pen_and_ink_well


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