Did we really evolve from a fish? Were we once the bait, then the catch, and now the angler? Dawkins says: don’t be silly. Fish and mammals had a primitive common ancestor. So why do some fish remain fish, while others go on to become us I ask in all innocence and where is the common primitive ancestor? I don’t like to go on, and I know we are still sorting through all the fossil bones and all, but we’ve been searching for this illusive ancestor since Darwin’s day. Do you not think we would have found it by now?


WHERE ARE OUR COMMON ANCESTORS in the FOSSIL RECORD? Why are all the fish fossils still – FISH?? & where are all these walking ancestral fish you promised?? Maybe epigenetic triggers got all those jumping genes excited?

But when you look at the evidence, what do we find? The only vertebrates (us and other creatures that have a back bone, although that’s debatable among some of our species) that were known in the fossil record for millions and millions of years were – guess? FISH. They could not find that illusive ancestor – the walking fish that turned into an amphibian and gave birth to the entire species of complex animals on land today! Then millions of dollars later and with much concerted effort in 2004, they found it (Tiktaalik), a real four-footed vertebrate that walked on land and had fins and limb bones just like an early lob-finned fish which propped itself up in shallow fresh water. The only problem was that tetrapod tracks (anything vertebrate with limbs rather than lobs/fins, including birds but remember their wings were once legs/armie things according to conventional wisdom) were discovered more recently which are some 18 million years BEFORE the Tiktaalik fossil and actually several million years BEFORE the time that lob-finned fish were believed to be paddling about in muddy water trying to grow some walking limbs. (see Niedźwiedzki et al, 2009 article in Nature, a portion is quoted below ): 

“The fossil record of the earliest tetrapods (vertebrates with limbs rather than paired fins) consists of body fossils and trackways. The earliest body fossils of tetrapods date to the Late Devonian period (late Frasnian stage) and are preceded by transitional elpistostegids such as Panderichthys and Tiktaalik that still have paired fins. Claims of tetrapod trackways predating these body fossils have remained controversial with regard to both age and the identity of the track makers. Here we present well-preserved and securely dated tetrapod tracks from Polish marine tidal flat sediments of early Middle Devonian (Eifelian stage) age that are approximately 18 million years older than the earliest tetrapod body fossils and 10 million years earlier than the oldest elpistostegids. They force a radical reassessment of the timing, ecology and environmental setting of the fish–tetrapod transition, as well as the completeness of the body fossil record”. 

In Nature 463, 43-48 (7 January 2010) | doi:10.1038/nature08623; Received 21 July 2009; Accepted 29 October 2009 Tetrapod trackways from the early Middle Devonian period of Poland


Another interesting link to the discussion can be found at http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/the-tracks-of-a-ghost/

Do you know there are several mainstream scientific publications entitled for example: “WHEN FISH LEARNED TO WALK” & AN ARTICLE ENTITLED: “FINS MADE FOR WALKING” IN NATURE 1997- SERIOUSLY! And what about those walking whales… The official line as documented in the text books & mainstream literature is definitely that we did evolve from fish. There is no argument and they teach it as a fact. What about the walking whale story…. ? – Paleontologists believe they have located the earliest ancestor of the whale near what is now Pakistan. The Pakictid, as it came to be known. And yes, it may look like it has hooves, but as the Pakicid has an ear bone in a position similar to that of whales today, well this is the basis of believing that whales once walked & decided to return to the sea, develop specialized lungs & water resistant skin etc . A jaw bone of a whale actually turned up that would have been a few million years later than the Pakicid walking whale, did that give the hoofed creature enough time to lose those legs, develop a specialized breathing system etc, etc?

Here ends my rant (for the time being) about the Tiktaalik evidence, or lack thereof, for the best candidate for the transition from water to land – the great, great, great….. ancestor that spawned all diversity of land animals on the planet. Thanks for listening. Please share on twitter/facebook etc, you’ll find links below.

Maria Brigit


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