Double helix galaxyHere are some ramblings of an evolving theory of evolution; an alternative to Darwinian evolution which simply does not explain anything when you look at it closely. If you are shocked by this statement, please have a look at some of the videos and articles on this site, or if you are viewing this post from elsewhere, visit:

Here’s an overview of some ideas that are out there in the scientific community, but have not, AS YET BEEN PUT together INTO a more cohesive theory. Here is an attempt. I suppose the reason why this has not been attempted to-date, is that, like most people, including myself, most of us did not realise that an alternative to Darwinian Theory of evolution was actually required. You probably thought like me: oh, they have it all worked out and besides, how else could evolution have happened???

Charles-Darwin-Caricature Court JonesDon’t worry, any of the terms that I use like epigenetics, scaling laws and quantum butterfly, or butterfly effect, and power laws, all sound completely non-nonsensical if you have not looked at this stuff before, but, don’t worry, it will make sense soon – if you read on & look up any of these terms on Wikipedia, they explain this seemingly complex stuff in fairly clear terms and after all, they are just principals to be applied to evolution (biology), you don’t have to be a physicist to get all of these ideas…

DARWINIAN EVOLUTION       vs       Quantum Butterfly Effect on Evolution

  • Natural Selection    via an accumulation of random mutations/lucky mistakes that can only be passed via inheritance to offspring giving a species an advantage, an ability to adapt to change & ultimately survive – the driver of change – variation & ultimately how one species changes into another?)
  • Or, is new information (code) & diversity (re-writing of how genetic information is expressed) created via a dynamic interaction between an organism & its environment, i.e. epigenetic processes & epigenetic inheritance), which triggers the mechanism called Natural Genetic Engineering by Molecular biologist Robert Shapiro (see evolution a view from the 21st century) & regular articles in Huffington Post.
  • Common Descent (assumed within Darwin’s Theory)
  • Or, a shared blue-print (code of life); common code with unique & highly adaptive programs according to the dynamic interaction of each organism to its environment – Epigenetic processes that do not change the code (DNA) sequence, but can make large changes via master gene switches to what and how behaviours and physical features are expressed, particularly, when the organism is not yet fully formed & fixed as in an embryo or a less established stage of evolution as in the stage between bacterial & complex animal & plant life).
  • Darwinian Evolution has never been able to explain how new & novel information comes about or continues towards complexity
  • However, if we begin to understand that there is a primal code – driver of change which shapes, limits, constrains and at the same time, allows for radically different forms of every possible form of diversity which would best be described as the universal scaling laws of physics as applied to biology (as after all, these are universal). Power Laws & Fractality explains why even snowflakes form the way they do even though they are not alive, but they grow according to their six-sided symmetry. These theories that are well known to physicists and chaos theory researchers (the butterfly effect – where a small change at the beginning can cause a massively different outcome) and where, complex systems are non-linear and have an input & output feedback mechanism & can be scaled from the micro to the macro – from the microbe to the monkey level and still follow certain laws which are predictable – such as metabolic rate & the ratio of body mass to metabolism and as West et al have suggested, a mouse is really a blown up elephant if you look at even complex mammals as organized systems obeying universal scaling laws.
  • This is the most exciting part of this evolving hypothesis that I am attempting to develop as a result of having to re-assess the entire Darwinian Theory of everything that floats, swims or crawls, or walks for that matter. These ideas can be tested, scientifically and empirically: The Darwinian doctrine cannot.
  • I hope that we are on the threshold of being able to begin to understand the mind-boggling complexity of life on our big blue planet. And it now seems as more and more new studies are beginning to demonstrate that new programs are written using the same blueprint – DNA genetic code, and new information can be gained from hybridization (common in plants but more common in complex animals than we have previously recognised); between completely different species (Horizontal gene transfer) via viruses, bacteria, gnats, parasites & any number of novel ways to get injected/infected with strange & exotic DNA; by symbiosis, where one organism comes to depend upon another as in the bacteria that lives inside all of us which is a living ancestor & we wouldn’t be here without it & it wouldn’t be so successful if it did not get a ride inside our guts and finally the normal (so-called Darwinian way of passing on genetic information – inheritance directly from your parents). But, remember, it was only the 2% of coding DNA in your genome that was passed on, all that other JUNK stuff was believed to be function-less – little did they know! And, they also believed that nothing you did in your life time and no amount of interaction with your environment would make one jot of difference to your genes until that old Malarckian Malarkey (Wiki: Lamarckian inheritance of acquired characteristics) reared its ugly head and we now that epigenetic inheritance is a fact.
  • In other words, what our parents, great grand parents & great, great, grand parents did, how much food they had etc, were they loved, unloved, does make a very big difference in the end. But we are not fixed (genetically speaking) at birth & yes, you can make positive changes to your life, health, well-being and happiness & are in charge of your own evolution. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it & remember you do not have to live in the old Darwinian dogma world of dog eat dog and survival of the fittest – Put it this way – we’ve all been treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed a lot of Sh—t!


  • P.S. I have an e-book, which will become a physical book, coming out in next few months that will explain all this in detail & why and how the Darwinian theory is in shambles as you read this. If you are interested in keeping up-to-date on its progress drop me an email directly on facebook or my wordpress site.

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