Part Five: How Reptilian are you? (if it didn’t happen by Neo-Darwinian means, how did evolution occur?) series

*Note: this article has been updated since its original posting as more supporting info emerged and incorporated into the ongoing series on alternative evolution. Part Five Well, if it didn't happen by Neo-Darwinian means, how did evolution occur? How Reptilian are YOU? I am sure we have often heard the expression that you have a…


Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells

Now if conditions were very acidic in the primordial pond? What could they begin turning into? Obviously not mammalian parts yet – after all, their software program would not have become that advance yet…. what about an amoeba? You have to learn to crawl before you walk and to walk before you can run. Just a thought after reading this article and thinking about an alternative to Darwinian Theory of Evolution.

After Big Bang

Just squeezing or bathing cells in acidic conditions can readily reprogram them into an embryonic state.

In 2006, Japanese researchers reported1 a technique for creating cells that have the embryonic ability to turn into almost any cell type in the mammalian body — the now-famous induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. In papers published this week in Nature2, 3, another Japanese team says that it has come up with a surprisingly simple method — exposure to stress, including a low pH — that can make cells that are even more malleable than iPS cells, and do it faster and more efficiently.

“It’s amazing. I would have never thought external stress could have this effect,” says Yoshiki Sasai, a stem-cell researcher at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan, and a co-author of the latest studies. It took Haruko Obokata, a young stem-cell biologist at the same centre…

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Evolutionary biologists are beginning to see that: “There are many roads to Rome, but Rome is not what it used to be”.

The wonderful world-wide-web of life Note the image above is more web-like than tree-like. The main title of this blog is a quote within an article recently posted in Science Daily (see link below). While you are reading the article, do keep in mind that many studies, particularly in more recent years, are beginning to…

Neurons (Cells) that fire together: wire together and their co-operative role in evolution

Below is an article that touches upon the co-operative nature and inter-connectivity of  cells. It does not dispute natural selection - of course, but it does point out how cellular life has evolved over billions of years by communicating with each other.  Before reading the article, I would just like to add that Hebb’s law could…

Microbes rule our world – our living ancestors never went extinct!

Welcome to the microbial world - A very Non-Darwinian world that may have more to do with how one species changes into another than previously understood. See article in Science Daily dating back to last summer for discussion of new research. Today's Huff Post news explains the importance of microbes see: