Spot the difference between these two images below. Please leave comments and tell me what you think. The first picture is the zoomed  image of the postulated ‘artificial’ structures (face and pyramids) found on the Cydonia region on Mars. The next image is ice crystallization (permafrost conditions) created as a result of simulated Martian atmosphere etc in a chamber designed from the most up-to-date scientific findings known about the conditions on Mars):



In other words, the simulated atmosphere could create naturally geometric crystallized structures that ‘appear’ artificial (intelligently constructed). The video in the next blog will explain the type of evidence they have employed to clearly show geometry patterns within the Cydonian structures, which would hold if one assumes that there are no straight lines or right angles in nature. However, there is one thing in nature that is highly structured and geometric – Yes, you guessed it – ICE (snowflakes and ice crystals). I hope you see where I’m going with this. Just  some food for thought to point out the possibility of how seemingly geometric patterns could arise naturally – comment below.


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