“Let’s see it for what it is. An amusing collection of nineteenth century anecdotes which is utterly unlike what we see for other serious sciences”

Dr. David Berlinski (molecular biologist) on Darwinian Theory of Evolution


3 thoughts on ““Let’s see it f…

  1. Important note, the man, or the joke, is not a “molecular biologist”, not even a reputed mathematician. He’s a philosopher. He’s mathematical analysis of evolution has been rebutted by other mathematicians has seen here http://educ.jmu.edu/~rosenhjd/sewell.pdf .

    I have to admit, your post on the introduction of the book really captured my attention. I’d much like to read it, although I hope it shows better care in verifying the sources than this post.

    Also, if you could consider changing to a template with light background it would really aid in reading the longer posts. The white font over the black background hurts the eyes.


    1. thanks for constructive comments. Yes, the book is very well referenced and I got his own job description from a video interview where he worked as a molecular biologist and a mathematician back in the day. Now he is more a philosopher. I’m new to blogging, and point taken. The Darwin book has turned into four – a series and the first one is out on May 13th 2014, sorry for delay.

      Maria B.


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