Old Mr Darwin, I think you have overstayed your welcome.

Let me introduce myself and give you an idea of my most current research.

“It was a cruel and godless wind when we set down in that awful place…”

Well I thought it made a nice little dramatic opening to how I came to research old Mr. Darwin and his impact on our world (Ok, I hear you  say – but you are not writing a piece of fiction – And, that is entirely correct. And, hopefully by the time you have finished reading all of my blogs about this topic, you might agree).

Anyway, I suppose I should explain myself a little as you have no idea who I am or why I came to be inspired to begin this blog. Maybe one day it will become an e-book, or a publisher will miraculously hammer down my door and demand the manuscript – anyway if it ever came to publishing all this research which I am now sharing with you, I would perhaps call it: Why Fish can’t Ride a Bicycle with Only One Fin: the Darwinian Delusion. The title, I think would be highly appropriate as I believe we don’t need the: We Descended from Walking Fish Hypothesis any longer. – It’s old school folks and now it is time for something better. I am glad to tell you – there is something much more inspiring than the Darwinian Delusion (now that would make a good subtitle? or should it be the other way around? What do you think?) – The delusion bit is about the dogmatic, so-called scientific creed we’ve all had to follow blindly, religiously, not allowed to question, ever since they dragged old Darwin from his peaceful slumber (when almost everyone had gotten over the Big Storm in a dainty Victorian Tea Cup, and many of the scientific community had rejected his silly ideas.    Sorry for the rant, but hopefully you will understand why I’m giving out so much when you have finished reading this introduction along with all the other blogs to follow. First, I must introduce myself or you will think I’m peddling some IST or ISM.

Oh, and I should point out that I am not, a molecular biologists breaking ranks with the great doctrine of Darwinism. After all, I wouldn’t be able to gain the overview of the whole story. I would be too specialized in my field. Besides, I would probably lose my position within the faculty or miss that funding for next semester.  No, I am an archaeologist; yes, I know, they told me there was no future in it – but I didn’t listen. Let’s just say I was classed as a mature study when eventually entered those hallowed halls of academic, sometime after running away from the circus. But being older also taught me to look deeper, question everything, assume nothing, keep an open mind but, not so open that your brain falls out. It also meant that by the time I got there, I was totally starved for knowledge, so you can imagine, I sucked up every morsel of info I could get my grubby hands around. Finally, they flung me out because apparently I had completed my PhD to integrate back into the real world.  Anyway, after a bout of post-doctoral blues (It’s a real condition you know?), and having more questions than when I went in, I realized that I was now armed with my magic keys to unlock the mysteries hidden in plain sight, and the codes to unlock the great mysterious of academic research. Now, with my sharpened steel trowel of tenacious exploration, and fueled by the school of hard knocks, I was ready to DIG the dirt of our sordid past… hence my more sanitized blog name: digging up the future. As I believe that unless we know where we come from, ask the big questions, then we cannot possibly know where we might be heading.

Well, I’ll get off my soapbox for now and continuing my rantings posted here as often as possible. Remember keep an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out! LOL Maria Brigit.


5 thoughts on “Old Mr Darwin, I think you have overstayed your welcome.

  1. One of many species of walking fish (shark in this case) which possess every bone in each of your four limbs in their fins.

    And in reverse here is the fin of a whale:

    Just some facts for you.


    1. Sorry it took so long getting back to you. I’ll put the video up on my blog along with an article about how the hox genes (master switches that turn existing genes on to basically build the body plan of all vertebrate animals – including us and fish) cannot express anything more than buds in the same (fin) region, where limbs and digits would be on other vertebrates (non-fish) who do go on to express genes that can form legs and claws & digits.

      Once again, I really appreciate your arguments and thanks for keeping the good healthy scientific debate going – it’s the way all ideas (new and old) should be discussed.

      Hope to hear from you again


      1. Genes can express themselves differently depending on things like the chemicals present at a particular part of the anatomy of an organism – the existence of a certain vitamin at a certain point of development in the hands is the difference between normal hands with individualized digits and diffuse, paddle-like hands in humans which resemble those in bony fish btw.


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